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Feet Up Cleaning also specializes in the unique field of window treatment, furnishing, and repairing.

Window treatments are a must for any well dressed room. These functional design elements, which include curtains, drapes, blinds and shades, protect home owners from prying eyes and harsh sunlight while adding a finishing touch to the interior design.

Curtain, Drapery, Blinds

Most curtain and drapery fabrics are washable. Blinds, which are often made of plastic, metal or wood are also relatively easy to care for. Even curtain shades can be vacuumed and brushed clean. Even so, many people neglect their window treatments when cleaning, and the very design element that was installed to beautify and protect the home becomes an eyesore, or worse yet, a health threat.

One reason for this neglect is ease of access: curtains and drapes should be removed before cleaned. And while some of these fabrics are washable, the yardage involved may require professional laundering rather than attempts using the home washer. Blinds and shades may also be hard to access or require the use of a specialized vacuum nozzle.

Before cleaning your window treatments on your own, read all labels to make sure that they are labeled washable. Then, make a realistic assessment of their positioning and your ability to remove and rehang them.

If the job is simply out of your reach we can assure you it's within ours! Our cleaning services includes the removal, cleaning, and rehanging of your window treatments, no matter the size, fabric or texture.

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