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Carpet cleaning is the foundation of our cleaning services because carpet receives the most amount of bacterial traffic damage on a constant basis. This is only natural when you think about the filth attached to your shoes, travel bags, yoga mats, soccer cleats, beach sandals, etc. In fact, wherever it is you go, you bring a little back with you onto your carpets. This certainly isn't the end of the world and you should not stop enjoying your life. You should, however, pay more attention to what is entering your home on the ground level.

The problem is that you can't actually see what's entering your home because these bacterial pathogens are microscopic. When your carpets begin to fill up with bacteria and dust, only a professional carpet cleaner will be able to tell. If, however, your carpet looks dull or actually feels dirty, then its bacterial population has exploded and you are most likely breathing in contaminated air. As time goes by you might even begin to feel the effects.

Carpet Solutions

No need to panic, this situation can be easily fixed in a matter of hours. All it takes is the knowledge of our professional cleaners, the power of a steam cleaning machine, and the magic of our all green friendly cleaning solutions and presto, your carpets will be restored.

Feet Up Cleaning employs a staff of licensed and certified cleaners who specialize not only in carpet cleaning but in rug and upholstery cleaning as well. The process is short and sweet, but our team members know to begin every clean only after all your questions have been answered and concerns met. Furthermore, we have built our reputation on customer service so if for any reason something does not sit well with you, we will go to the moon and beyond to fix it. We promise.

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