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If you've got a carpet, you're going to need to clean it at some point. Feet Up Cleaning is happy to explain the options so you can make an informed decision. what's the best way to do that? Do you really need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, or can you do it yourself?

It should be clear that proper carpet maintenance dictates vacuuming weekly and deep cleaning every eighteen to twenty-four months. Carpets in high traffic areas or in homes with pets, small children or people with respiratory sensitivities will probably need more frequent cleaning.

One of Feet Up Cleaning services is deep cleaning which aims are to removes the dirt, dust, grime, food particles, pet dander, sloughed skin cells and other matter that, over time, sinks down to the very base of your carpet. With each step taken on the carpet, these remnants of daily life are ground into the carpet. If not efficiently removed, they can damage carpet fibers and cause unpleasant odors. In addition, deep cleaning - when conducted properly - should remove carpet stains and pet odors.

Anaheim Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Methods

Anaheim Carpet Cleaning are glad to explain you the traditional methods for carpet cleaning which are: carpet shampooing, carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

  • Carpet shampooing. There was a time when this method was very popular among DIY enthusiasts. The 'shampoo' was readily available at supermarkets and the instructions were easy: Spray the foam shampoo onto the carpet, leave to dry, then vacuum off. This method, however, is far from effective. Rather than cleaning the carpet, the foam shampoo often left a gummy residue behind. In addition, this method does nothing with regard to removing the main problem - build-up deep below the carpet's surface.
  • Dry cleaning. There are several dry cleaning methods, ranging from those that use a process called carbonated cleaning, those - similar to shampooing - that involve the application of a powder or foam, and those that involve a machine called a bonnet. The bonnet uses spinning brushes, which may be dry or damp, to clean the carpet. Often, a chemical dry cleaning solution is applied. This method is not only inefficient; it may also cause fiber damage.
  • Steam cleaning, the method used by Feet Up Cleaning, is the most efficient, and most ecological cleaning method. This method, also known as the "extraction method" involves using high powered equipment to forcibly flush out dirt and grime from every part of your carpet and concurrently extract all the dirt, water and residue into holding tanks. This is the best method for rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet odor removal and for dealing with carpet stains.

Feet Up Cleaning provides carpet steam cleaning at reasonable prices. You can save time and money by scheduling more than one cleaning service on the same day. Call us today at 714-369-8984 for a free estimate.

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