Car Interior Cleaning

No doubt about it, there's nothing like the smell of a brand new car. It's such an exciting scent that car freshener manufacturers have gone to great lengths to develop a scent that mimics the aroma. But as any car owner or passenger knows, using a car deodorizer in a dirty car doesn't do the trick. If you really want to retain or renew that great smell then you need car interior cleaning from the experts at Feet Up Cleaning.

Achieving that new car smell isn't the only reason to clean out your car. Dirt, dust, and other pollutants build up over time, contaminating the air you breathe when you're in your car. Though opening the windows will offer some relief, weather conditions, noise or wind may prevent driving with the windows open.

Car interior cleaning entails several labor intensive processes, including vacuuming, shampooing, washing, dusting, cleaning, and conditioning. It is not something that can be done in a few minutes - in fact, if you're planning on doing your own car interior cleaning, plan on spending a few hours, at the very least.

Auto Upholstery

Auto-upholstery fabric is chosen for its durability and is often treated with stain resistant chemicals. In some cases, cars are upholstered in leather or imitation leather. Whatever the case, the same principles used when cleaning furniture upholstery are employed. The first step in cleaning car upholstery is a thorough vacuuming of all parts of the car, including under and behind cushions. Then, the seats and carpets/mats should be washed. Feet Up Cleaning's professional auto interior cleaners shun carpet/upholstery shampoo in favor of steam cleaning equipment, which will flush out and remove embedded dirt and dust.

Cleaning hard surfaces is as important as cleaning the seat backs and cushions. The dashboard, doors, glove compartment, and rear dash should be wiped clean and given a once over with a conditioning treatment.

Car windows and windshields (front and back) should also be cleaned from the inside. This often overlooked step will improve visibility.

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