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Feet Up Cleaning offers an excellent air duct cleaning service in addition to our many other home and office cleaning services. This particular service focuses on the cleanliness and operational optimality of your HVAC system. The rational for having your air ducts inspected and cleaned is quite simple and goes as follows. The air you breathe is continuously filtered and circulated throughout your house via your HVAC system. If your HVAC system is stuffed with air pollution, like dust, dander, allergens, and various bacteria, it cannot operate as it should, namely, it cannot filter the air it circulates. If this is true, then it is also true that in such cases you are breathing unfiltered stagnate air.

Sub Optimal Operation

It also follows that a dysfunctional HVAC system will need to operate above its standard capacity in order to produce what it would produce under normal conditions. Since all of its operations are taking place in a visually unavailable part of your home or office, one indication you could have of a sub optimal HVAC is higher than usual utility bills. And, of course, this is exponential, meaning the situation actually gets worse and worse over time.

Another indicator of polluted air ducts might come in the form of sudden onset or an increase in flu like symptoms. This is because the polluted air you are now breathing is full of allergens that make magnify many respiratory issues, like allergies and asthma. All of our air duct cleaning technicians are trained and certified for this and many other home and office cleaning services and can perform multiple jobs in one setting.

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