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Feet Up Cleaning, the leading business and residential carpet cleaning service in Los Angeles, achieve unsurpassed results in furniture cleaning, area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and, of course, carpet cleaning. The professional methods we at Feet Up Cleaning use have been shown, in most cases, to alleviate some of the health risks associated with carpets.

If you're a carpet owner, you probably already know that proper maintenance will keep your carpets in service longer, thus protecting the investment you made in them. But did you also know that proper care and maintenance can help protect your health, as well?

If you have experience with allergies, asthma or respiratory issues, you may be aware that some health professionals recommend that people with these conditions refrain from installing carpets in their home. This recommendation is, in the most part, based on the fact that carpets are a natural landing pad for dirt particles, pet dander, sloughed skin cells, and other airborne debris. In addition, they are a common breeding ground for household dust mites - microscopic creatures that thrive in dark, dusty spaces and feed on dander and other matter. In addition, carpets that have been allowed to become wet and then left damp for an extended period of time are inevitably going to show signs of health threatening mold and mildew.

Irvine Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Steam Cleaning

Irvine Carpet Cleaning offers Eco-friendly carpet steam cleaning solutions that will let you breathe easy again. Using state of the art, professional equipment, such as high powered truck mounted steam cleaning machines, we at Feet Up Cleaning will obliterate any health threat your carpet may be hiding, quickly and efficiently.

Carpet Cleaning Process - Water Extraction

A typical cleaning session will begin with vacuuming. Even if you are a conscientious vacuumer yourself, Feet Up Cleaning will use commercial grade vacuums with boosted suction power to remove every loose particle hidden in your carpet. Next, we will inspect the carpet for stains and other problems. If necessary, stains will be pre-treated. Then, Feet Up Cleaning well trained, friendly technicians will go about their business of high-powered steam cleaning. This process, also known as water extraction, is the most effective, efficient carpet cleaning method known to man at this time. Feet Up Cleaning use approved, environment friendly cleaning products - no toxic haze or detergent residue to pollute your indoor environment.

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