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If you've used Feet Up Cleaning before, you already know we come out and do a great service for you whenever you call on us. But what should you do between professional cleanings to keep things nice and tidy? Go ahead and have a read and find out.

Vacuuming, Vacuuming, Vacuuming

Our recommendation for you is to vacuum your carpets, rugs and upholstery on a weekly basis. Make sure to use a strong, high quality vacuum cleaner, and if obtainable, also a rotating brush to remove as much dust, mites and allergens as you can. Never forget though, even the best vacuum cleaner cannot remove all of the dust, dirt, grime and the allergens that go along with it. Every now and then (we recommend every 3-6 months generally) a professional cleaning will be required to make sure your carpet is maintained optimally and its life extended.

Wet Carpet Alert!

Had a leak? A big spill? Overflow of some sort? These are all things that can happen, and can be solved as well, but you have to act quickly. Feet Up Cleaning is always ready to come out with same day service to help you out of a bind.

If it is your rugs that are mainly affected, then of course they can be removed, and it is highly recommended to take them to the cleaning center where it can be cleaned and dried on the best terms. However, when it affects wall to wall carpets or big pieces of upholstery, you could begin by extracting as much of the water as you can using rented equipment suited for the job. That said, water damage is serious business. It could easily destroy your carpets, rugs and upholstery, not to mention, bring forth the appearance of mold, which is a very serious health hazard. So make sure to call on us! Feet Up Cleaning will show up ASAP to keep you expensive household investments as safe as can be.

Feet Up Cleaning provides the following cleaning methods, each suited to different types of products:

  • Various shampoo applications - Removes ingrained dirt and grime using a variety of fragrant carpet shampoos, non fragrance also optional.
  • Dry steam or hot-water extraction treatment - Frees ingrained dirt and grime and “sucks” them up while the cleaning solvent is applied.
  • A combination of the previous two.
  • Foam cleaning - A drier type of carpet and upholstery treatment used on carpets with color fast and shrinkage problems.
  • Use of absorbent dry compounds - Once again for use on delicate and special carpets to prevent over wetting, color loss and shrinkage.
  • We often recommend our in-factory cleaning service to guarantee better results by using optimal cleaning conditions.

Feet Up Cleaning employs only highly trained proven cleaning technicians who are experts at selecting the best cleaning methods and agents for your unique needs. They will get the job done on the best terms while keeping your property intact!

Feet Up Cleaning will remove at least 90% of the stains on your carpet without causing damaging your goods.

We also offer color touch up treatment for those faded spots when possible (ask your technician).
We also offer dying, binding and re-fringing services.

Please do not forget to inform your cleaning technician about the cause or source of stains as this will enable us to best protect your carpets, furniture, and drapes.

Not all companies have the maximum professional know how. This is the most important thing to look for in a cleaning service. Any damage caused by from unprofessional cleaning is usually irreversible!

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