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Feet Up Cleaning offers an affordable and convenient upholstery cleaning service for homes and offices in Los Angeles. Our services are available every day of the week from 8am-8pm, including on holidays and for emergency services!

Furniture upholstery can easily get as soiled as carpets. Unless you have your furniture covered in plastic, it's safe to say that somewhere, maybe under the cushions or head rests there lies a coffee stain, left over food crumbs or pet hair.

Time Tested Cleaning Methods

Since each upholstery material is unique in its interactions with cleaning solutions, doing it yourself might result in ruining your upholstery. Why take the risk when Feet Up Cleaning offers a reliable upholstery cleaning service carried out by experts in the field? Using the well known power of the steam cleaning machine, our cleaning experts use a combination of truck mounted power, green friendly cleaning technology, and know how to clean your upholstery and leave them both sanitized and revitalized.

Feet Up Cleaning has the most effective and green friendly cleaning solutions for for furniture upholstery, blankets, ottomans, and just about any other fabric material you might find in your home or office.

Since we know that each customer has their own individual needs, each cleaning begins with a discussion on what you want and what we can achieve. We will test a patch of your upholstery to make sure our abilities are to your high standards. We will never attempt a cleaning if it will not end in your complete satisfaction.

As with all of the cleaning services offered by Feet Up Cleaning,
A free price estimate is available to you by calling our customer service representatives.

For more information, call please call 323-482-1219 today!

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