Tile and Grout Cleaning in Los Angeles

Feet Up Cleaning can clean maintain and keep your ceramic tiles looking their best, whether ton the floor, wall or counter tops. There's no need to hide your unattractive tile floors and walls anymore! Many people can't afford or aren't willing to pay for entire bathroom or kitchen tile renovation. We provide a refreshed, renovated appearance for a fraction of the cost. We don't need to rip up your current tile and grout, we simply work with what you already have!

Why Clean Clean My Tile And Grout?

Tile flooring and tile walls easily show signs of wear. In kitchens the grout turns dark due to oil spills, coffee spills, food spills, and overall high amounts of foot traffic. In bathrooms, tile walls and floors show rust stains, mold ,and mildew stains due to the high moisture content, entryways get dirty quickly because of dirt shoes track in and dining room tile floors also suffer frequent spills. If tile is unsealed when purchased and installed, these spills soak in and the floors and walls lose their showroom beauty within months. Feet Up Cleaning however, can extract stains and dirt with our powerful cleaning equipment and even seal the floors to protect them from future damage. This sealer can also be dyed to alter the color of the tile and grout so if you're sick of the salmon colored tile you once thought was so hip, we can help you change it!

Cleaning tile and grout is nothing less than a physically exhausting all day chore. Why bother when Feet Up Cleaning can get it done in a jiffy?

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