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I'm good about taking care of my carpets. I vacuum at least once a week. Do I really need you guys?
We don't mean to come off arrogant here, but yes, you do need us. Maybe not as often as some, but your carpets would definitely greatly benefit from professional carpet cleaning every once in a while, it will greatly prolong your carpet's life. Vacuuming is a solid way to remove dirt, dust etc. from the surface of your carpet. But it does not solve the problem of this bad stuff such as pollens, dander, dust mites and other types of allergens and pathogens being pushed down into the base of the carpet and the padding by people walking about on your carpets. Once these things become trapped at the base of the carpet, they'll stay there remain dangerous and unhealthy for you, especially for your pets, baby, or small children crawling&laying on the carpets.


I have all of that stuff in the bottom of my carpets? What's going on in my air ducts then?
Good question! Like everything else, you air ducts also accumulate vast amounts of dirt and dust over time, and along with it the various types of contaminants and allergens we have mentioned before. So the air that gets distributed around the house is unhealthy and harmful, not the kind of air you want your family breathing! As if that's not enough, dirty air ducts reduce the effectiveness of your AC unit, and drive your utility bills through the roof. Clear signs that it might be time to clean your ducts include: dirt or dust on external elements such as vents and fan blades; bad odors during operation; insect or rodent infestation; occurrence of health issues such as asthma, headaches, allergy attacks, nausea or dizziness.

If you recognize one or more of these indicators, the smart thing to do is to get your air ducts looked at, and Feet Up Cleaning will gladly provide you with an onsite estimate free of charge!


I love my pet, but do I have to smell it all the time? Can you rid me of the bad pet odors?
We can honestly say yes. Pet odor is a very common problem that demands attention. Pet urine easily soaks through the backing of carpet into the padding underneath. Sometimes, the urine even penetrates into the floor beneath the padding. Talk about a lingering odor! When you have a lingering odor like that, especially if you have puppies and\or kittens, they are very likely to repeat the bad behavior on the carpets or upholstery because they can still smell it.

As if the odor isn't bad enough, the urine also provides for the growth of bacteria, which, in turn, makes the odor even worse as well as damages the carpets color and texture. To eliminate this problem, the urine must be neutralized & removed from each of the layers affected. In light to medium cases, our standard cleaning service may be enough to do the trick. In more severe cases a urine neutralizer to dissolve it may be required. In the worst cases, when the urine sat there for a long duration, replacement of the carpet padding, and treatment of the floor beneath the carpets may be required. In these cases, without taking care of the root of the problem, even replacing the carpets may not solve the odor issue.


What is the difference between a rug and carpet?
Well in the strictest, linguistic aspect, there is no real difference. In our industry however, the term 'carpet' is used to describe wall-to-wall carpeting, whereas a rug is meant as an area rug, of varying size, but always one that you can roll up and move. There are a lot of types of rugs that demand a lot of different types of services. But that is a story for a different question..


Ok, I'm sold. I need to get some stuff in my house cleaned & protected. But is it really safe?
Absolutely. Feet Up Cleaning is a green cleaning service provider. That means any and all cleaning and protection products that we use in your home are environmentally friendly and therefore not harmful in any way to pets and people, babies, children or the elderly. It is hypoallergenic as well, so will not cause your allergies to flare up.

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